Welcome to uwlfish.net, the official site of Universal Waterlife Ltd (UWL). We are constantly researching new ways to make your experience of the amazing and diverse creatures the world has to offer an enjoyable reality. With this in mind we decided to put all these resources together for YOU, our valued customer. So please feel free to enjoy your web-site, your retail outlet, your weekly specials and your monthly extra-specials, currently available in-store and soon to be available on-line. Also don't forget to visit us regularly, so you don't miss out on your newsletterscompetions, give-aways, special offers and your stock updates, as regular changes are on-going, due to delivery times and certain species only being available seasonally.


If you want to explore the depths and come face to face with Octopus, Stingray or even deadly Pirahna, then take a slice of the Ocean or even the Amazon home with you; YOU CAN. Why tangle with snakes, lizards or spiders in the Congo, when you can have the African Delta in your bedroom. Maybe your dream is to be a scuba diver, yearning to experience the incredible creatures of the worlds Great Reefs up close and personal, well why wait when you can surround yourself with them in your own front room. At Universal Waterlife we give a new meaning to "LIVE" home entertainment and take great pleasure in providing you with your exclusive access to another world in the comfort of your own home.


Your tropical fish are brought in for you from all over the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, South America and Africa. Many unusual and rare species of tropical fish are obtained from a minimum of six specialised wholesale importers, hence giving us and you more choice at unbeatable pace-setting prices. This gives you a major competitive edge to get what you want , when you want it, all within reason and at a price to suit your pocket. We can offer you this because most other suppliers are tied to strict supply and price limitations, from only one or two wholesalers. So whether you are in the market for "first time favourites," like barbs, neon's or danios, or maybe you prefer something more exotic and rare like fancy plecs, cichlids, eels and piranhas. Possibly you could be tempted by exotic species of shrimps, crabs, lobsters, newts or even frogs. Whatever you require, if we don't have it, we can usually get it and will give you our personal guarantee on the health and quality of the livestock we supply to you. 


Your main tropical fish department utilises state-of-the-art commercial filtration systems, including wet and dry spinning bio-gas chambers, consisting 8 x 55w ultra-violet units and sand fluidized beds, optimising water control and quality. Behind the scenes, you have an extensive quarantine and medical facility, where your many and often rare species are treated and monitored around the clock. Only when we are completely satisfied they are in perfect condition will we add them to your viewing aquariums, for you to add to your collection. You are also welcome to choose from a vast range of marine fish and invertebrates from your marine viewing aquariums. With species such as Angels, Butterflies, Tangs, Blennies and Clownfish to name a few, you are sure to find the incredible diversity and many striking colours irresistable. All your marines are fully quarantined and are kept on specialised filtration systems, with large protien skimmers, fluidized beds and wet/dry filtration, so optimum health is guaranteed. To ensure your peace of mind, you will be given a 48 hour replacement or money back guarantee* on all species of marine fish. At Universal Waterlife you are treated to one of the widest ranges of tropical and marine water species in the business all under one roof. From crabs to Stingray, shrimps to Pirahna it is all here waiting for you. 


If, however, fish aren't your thing then you can also choose from your other departments: Reptiles, such as Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos and more. Amphibians, including Tortoises, Turtles and TerrapinsSpiders, Chile Rose Tarantulas, Camel Spiders and the biggest and meanest of them all the Bird Eating Spider Birds, inclusive of Budgies, Canaries and Lovebirds and a cute and cuddly section of pets and small animals with Rabbits, Hamsters and Guinea Pigs. With ranges of aquariums, vivariums, aviaries, cages, runs, ponds, accessories, dry goods, pet foods of all makes and descriptions, expert and caring staff and a fully loaded reference section with books, cd's and dvd's, packed with valuable information. With supplies coming from a range of quality manufacturers such as, Jewel, Exo Terra, Bio Orb, Reef One, Tetra, Dr. Johns, Wagg, Red Sea, Elite, King British, Interpet, 200 Med, API, Rena, Betta Fish, XL Foods, Habitrail, Hedgehog, Sunflower and many more. All done to assist you in the care, maintainence and husbandry of any creature you desire, all you have to do is choose which you want


Whether it is your first pet or one of many, we understand how important it is to you and your family and also the importance of aquiring a particular rare species, to an enthusiastic expert or breeder. Our friendly and extremely experienced staff will be on hand to advise, answer any questions and guide you, making your home based experience of another world a successful realityMarvel at the most weird and wonderful creatures our Planet has to offer, then take them home with you. What more could you ask for, come to Universal Waterlife and get your exclusive access to another world today.  


*terms and conditions apply.